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    新視野大學英語_新視野大學英語2讀寫教程教案unit 2 Environmental Protection

    Unit 2?


    Environmental protection Throughout the world

    Teaching plan


    Students will be able to

    1,share the idea of importance of environment protection

    2,Learn to undertake new environmental initiatives.

    3,Develop your vocabulary

    4,Read for the key ideas in sentences

    5,Write a paragraph of a problem –solution pattern

    Warming-up Exercises :

    1, Why are most counties not concerned about environmental awareness?

    2,Which two countries have taken steps to protect their rain forests ?

    3,Which is the most polluted industrial area in the world ?

    Cultural Notes :

    A .New England is the most northeastern region of the U.S.A. including the states of Connecticut Maine , Massachusetts, New Hampshire Rhode Island and Vermont .It was so named by John Smith when he explored it in 1616.A New


    is a native or resident of New England .See for more information about the region.

    B .Grand Bank is a vast extension of the ocean off southeast Newfoundland(紐芬蘭島)in the North Atlantic, one of the world’s greatest cod –fishing grounds .Visit the web site ca/Heritage /NGB/to learn more about Canada’s fishing industry .

    C. Islam is a religion and social way of life based on the teaching of Muhammad as preserved in the Koran (<可蘭經)and the Sunna (伊斯蘭教禮規)It is centered in Mecca (麥加),and includes the worship of gods represented by holy stones called the Kaaba(建于麥加的伊斯蘭教寺院內的圣堂)。Look at the web site and you can find a through discussion about Islam .

    D . Mecca or Makkah ,with a population of 200,000 ,is the chief holy city of Islam capital of the Hejaz (漢志省,沙特阿拉伯省名),Saudi Arabia ,in a valley surrounded by hills,80km .form the Red Sea .It was the birthplace ofMuhammad.Its economy depends upon pilgrims(朝圣者).Visit the web site and you would find a wealth of information about Mecca of Makkah.

    Global Reading

    In most parts of the world , environmental awareness does not exist ,The great majority of nation concern themselves with economic development, regardless of its effect on the global ecology . But in recent years, as environmental damage has increased ,signs of change have sprang up in various pockets around the world .

    Division of the text

    1,Para 1 Serious environmental problems have prompted many countries to take effect measure .

    Paras 2—4

    The Canadian government’s measure to make up for the loss brought about by excessive fishing .

    Para 5 Costa Rica’s program to protect the ecological diversity .

    Paras 6---8 Brazil’s action to protect the Amazon

    Paras 9—10 Eastern Europe has been dealt with the contamination of rivers.

    Paras 11—12 China has partially solved the problem of forest removal

    Paras 13—14 some favorable change in the environment and some unsolved problems in Indonesia

    Structure Analysis Problem --solution Pattern

    When using the problem--solution pattern, the writer first tells the readers whattle situation is, and then he poses the problem and lets the readers know what the results are .After wards ,he will make some comments .

    Situation :Indonesians have traditionally favored big families, and their religion Islam ,frowns on birth control .

    Problem: But with 188 million people, the country is now struggling to provide food ,she/her and employment for its people .

    Solution :In recent years ,the government has waged a massive as campaign to encourage birth control ,offering inducements such as free as free trips to Mecca , the birthplace as Islam in sand .Arabia .

    Detailed reading

    1 Language study

    Words and expressions

    (1)…concern themselves with ….(para.1)

    I didn’t concern myself with political matters 我過去不關心政治。

    (2)…regardless of its effect on the global ecology .(Para1)

    Regardless of the danger ,he climbed the tower ,他不顧危險爬上了 高塔。

    (3)…sprung up in various pockets…(Para 1)

    Towns have sprung up in what was a dry desert 一些城鎮在曾機是干旱沙漠的地方出現了。

    (4)…undertaking new environmental initiatives.(Para1)

    She undertakes the responsibility for change .她承擔改革的責任。

    (5)…new environmental initiatives (para1)

    It is hoped that the government‘s initiative will bring the strike to an end .人們希望政府采所采取的行動將結束罷工。

    (6)…held abundant cod and other species (para2)

    There are abundant supplies of wood for first in the forest .森林里有充裕的薪柴可用。

    (7)…held abundant cod other species (para2)

    This rare bird has become an endangered species.這種珍惜鳥類已成為瀕臨物種

    (8)…to preserve the ecological diversity of its tropical rain forest (para5)

    China should introduce more choice and diversity into the education system.中國的教育體制應該更具選擇性和多樣性。


    No one is allowed to clear–cut the pine forest in this region .嚴禁砍伐這一地區的森林

    (10)…soil erosion …(Para.5)

    { U } process of being worn away or destroyed bit by bit by rain , wind etc.

    the erosion of the coastline by the sea .海洋對海岸線的侵蝕。

    (11)…has been extensive .(para.5)

    extensive: large in area ; extending far

    the extensive grounds of a country house 村舍周圍的廣闊庭院

    (12)remaining: a still existing ,still present ,that is left

    Mix the remaining ingredients .將剩下的配料攪拌一下。

    (13)conflict :n

    {C U}(of opinion ,desires, etc) opposition :difference :clash

    It is not surprising that such a view has led to great conflict .一種觀點引起了很大的意見分歧是不足為怪的。

    (14)Heavy metals from coal mining have contaminated much of the area ‘s waters.(Para9)

    contaminate: vt. make sth . or sb. dirty or polluted by adding dangerous or disease-carrying elements.

    Don’t eat this cake: it may have been contaminated by the flies不要吃這蛋糕,它可能被蒼蠅污染了。

    (15)explosive : a

    increasing very quickly

    The last few years have seen an explosive increase in the number of homeless people on our streets .近幾年我們街道上無家可歸的人數激增。

    (16)sponsor :vt

    Supported by giving money , encouragement or ocher help.

    The team is sponsored by Sony ,so the players wear the letters Sony on their shirts .這家隊伍是由國家索尼公司贊助的,因此運動員都穿著帶Sony字樣的運動服。

    (17) cash crop : a crop that is grown for sale rather than for use by the grower

    Strawberries have become a major cash crop in the area 草莓已經成為這個地區的 主要經濟物。

    (18) impact: n

    {C} strong impression or effect on sb. or sth.

    The computer has made a great impact on modern life .計算機對現代生活產生了重大影響。

    (19 vt. start and continue ,The word is especially used in the phrase :”wage a war /campaign on /against.”

    The three companies waged a price war .這三家公司展開了價格大戰

    (20)target: n

    {C} a level or situation which you plan to achieve

    The government’s target of 3.5% growth per year seems difficult to meet .


    Here are some topical for you to choose from typical sentence patterns

    (!) Experts say that the treaty could serve as a model for protecting other rivers in the region , including the Oder and Danube.

    (2) In recent years, the government has waged a massive campaign to encourage birth control , offering inducements, such as free trips to Mecca, the birthplace of Islam in Sandi Arabia.

    After Reading activities

    1. Summary

    Environmental awareness hardly exists since most countries are more concerned ( 1 ) economic development ( 2 ) with global ecology .Increasing environmental damage (3 ) has caused some countries to ( 4 ) new environment initiatives. Canada has protected its ( 5 ) supply by closing areas to fishing ( 6 ) setting strict limits on catches of certain ( 7 ). As a result ,some fish like herring eventually ( 8 ), but some like cod may never recover, and ( 9 ) 40000 fishermen are unemployed because of ( 10 ) fishing bans and the reduced ( 11 ) of fish.

    To protect its ( 12 ) rains forest, Costa Rice has (13 ) a series of new environmental laws and ( 14 ) parks and nature preserves that ( 15 ) on quarter of the country . Under pressure from environmentalists around the world ,Brazil ( 16 ) to protect ( 17 ) Amazon rain forest but Amazon Indians ( 18 ) endangered ( 19 ) the conflict with ( 20 ) people who continue to destroy the forests.

    2. Discussion

    Work in pairs ,and make up a long conversation about your personal opinion on the subject “A Better way of Environment Protection”.

    rom to write your own paragraph following the problem-solution pattern . One has a few more details that you can use if you want to do so .

    3.Writing Here are some topics for you to choose from to write your own paragraph following the problem-solution pattern. One has a few more details that you can use if you want to do.

    Detail outline:

    Problem: ● AIDS , spread , fast , among teenagers

    Solution: ● win the war ,against AIDS , train youth from 8 to 26 ,in turn ,they teach/spread ,anti-AIDS knowledge, their peers; make, simple, explain, the risk of catching AIDS , friends theirs own age

    Evaluation: ● do better ,than , adults

    More topics: ●Fight Against Gun Crimes

    ● Against Population Explosion



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