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    新視野大學英語_新視野大學英語讀寫教程2課后答案Unit 10 Being Honest and Open

    新視野大學英語(第二版)第二冊Unit 10答案


    Unit 10

    Comprehension of the Text


    1. He was head of the European staff of the Columbia Broadcasting System and a news broadcaster.

    2. He felt sorry for the suffering of London during the attach by the German bombers.

    3. Because he believed that whatever London had to endure, it could not be destroyed.

    4. They were sure about their ultimate triumph over England.

    5. They believed that London would surrender after it became a burned city.

    6. Because they had the English Channel as a barrier against the Nazi ground forces, and they had the Royal Air Force to battle the Nazi in the sky.

    7. On the one hand, they stayed calm and tried to continue living their lives; on the other hand, they did their best to help to defend their nation.

    8. He predicted that the English people would win the final victory.



    1.channels 2.rescued 3.royal 4.survival 5.crash 6.Whichever 7.punishment 8.cast 9.endured 10.surrender


    1.over 2.in 3.in 4.on 5.under 6.on 7.down 8.for 9.after 10.off


    1.O 2.H 3.M 4.J 5.K 6. G 7.C 8.A 9.F 10.E

    Word Building


    1. misreported 2.misprinted 3. misspells 4. misplaced 5.misunderstood 6. misusing/ misuse 7. mistake 8. misled


    1.broaden 2. irresponsible 3.protective 4. characterized 5. redoubling 6. fashionable 7. unfair 8. disobeys

    Sentence Structure


    1. as though he wee the only person who scored over 90.

    2. as though she had seen a ghost there

    3. as though he were her own son

    4. as though he were attending a party.

    5. as though he knew everything.


    1. You should wear whichever dress suits you best for the evening party.

    2. You can settle down in whichever area you choose.

    3. Whichever (of you) comes first will receive a gift.

    4. All my books are here. You may borrow whichever you like.

    5. I have several spare rooms. Whichever you want is yours.



    1. I remember the whole thing clearly as though it had happened yesterday.

    2. Whichever of them writes the best essay will win the prize.

    3. It turned out that the budget provided for a salary increase one year later.

    4. She did the same job day after day and year after year, but she never complained.

    5. She endured all kinds of hardships on the journey; nothing could keep her from finding her lost daughter.

    6. Don't get mixed up with that gang. They have committed many bad things in broad daylight.



    2. 學會用最適合你自己的辦法放松,是一種有助于健康的積極辦法。

    3. 在戰役中,為數不多的戰士們英勇抗敵,壯烈犧牲。

    4. 他們奮戰了4個多小時才將大火控制住,避免了危險的火勢蔓延到整個小鎮。

    5. 他告訴她,不管遇到什么麻煩,她都永遠有一位可依賴的朋友。

    6. 銀行可以貸款給一些小公司以防它們倒閉。



    1.B 2.D 3.A 4.A 5.C 6.C 7.A 8.B 9.C 10.A 11.D 12.A 13.B 14.A 15.D

    Structured Writing


    London would not surrender. All the people of London were in the front lines. They put out endless fires from the heavy bombing. They dug quickly in cellars to rescue their friends who had been buried underneath the wreckage. London people prepared to fight on with every possible means until the last Englishman died or the invaders were driven off.

    Section B

    Comprehension of the Text


    1.F 2.T 3.T 4.F 5.T 6.F 7.F 8.F



    1.expose 2.sectors 3.layout 4.dizzy 5.historical 6.exploded 7.heal 8.luxury 9.uneasy 10.swaying


    1.wanting in 2.made for 3.break off 4.gave way to 5.sank into 6.remained of 7.left his key to the door behind 8.was seized with fear 9.sank into 10.taken… in ?



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